About Us
Our research program seeks to understand the mechanisms by which signal transduction pathways modulate neurotransmission and consequently, behavior. We are particularly interested in presynaptic mechanisms that control synaptic transmission and how such modulatory mechanisms impact the neural control of locomotor behaviors coordinated by spinal pattern generators.
Simon Alford, PhD
Sweeney Professor of Basic Sciences and Head, Anatomy and Cell Biology Dept.
Mariana C Potcoava, PhD
Visiting Research Assistant Professor
Zack Zurawski, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Shelagh Rodriguez, BS
Graduate Student
Emily Church, BS
Graduate Student
Research Projects
Presynaptic Calcium - Imaging and Computational Modeling
We use Calcium dye imaging in presynaptic terminals to investigate calcium evoked exocytosis, investigating quantitative aspects of presynaptic calcium signaling using imaging and computational methods
We study how presynaptic GPCRs interact with key components of the synaptic vesicle fusion machinery. We are particularly interested in the mechanisms by which Gbg interacts with the core fusion apparatus - the SNARE complex - to mediate synaptic plasticity
Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy
Signal and Image Processign
Adaptive Optics (under construction)
Superresolution Technology(under construction)